“I came to Amelia to help me work through my money blocks. As a spiritual practitioner, I was finding it hard to attract abundance without feeling guilty to receive money in exchange for my service. Amelia helped bring to light the root cause of my money blocks and together we cleared them within just one session. Since then, my business has taken off and I now have an entirely new mindset around receiving money. This has helped me show up better for my clients and be able to feel empowered in how I value myself and money.


Through working with Amelia, I have been blown away with how much abundance I have created and the changes within my self worth and I am so grateful to have worked with her. Amelia made me feel safe and supported throughout our session.

Highly recommend for all those within the spiritual community who are struggling with money blocks. Thank you Amelia for helping bring my business back to life, I am forever grateful.”

- M.P. 

"I was so impressed with how much time she spent in getting to know me and what I really needed to work on. She wanted to get to the cause of my problems, not just deal with the symptoms. When we jumped into the hypnotherapy I had an emotional and physical response - it was obvious we had reached my subconscious and were making real change. Afterwards I felt an incredible sense of calm and peace wash over me. I’ve been able to hold onto that feeling since our session. The change was immediate and has been lasting. What I achieved with Amelia in one session was more than I had been able to achieve alone over the previous 6-12 months.”

- Meg

"I came to Amelia to help me work through issues with Anxiety and PTSD. Within my first session, I was blown away with the progress we made and how much Amelia’s session has impacted my life in the best way. I felt so liberated and empowered throughout the entire session. Amelia has an angelic nature, strong energy and confidence in her work where you feel so safe and welcomed in her presence. Her attentiveness and empathetic approach made me feel so comfortable to share some of my biggest issues. I left my session feeling empowered and I highly recommend her services for those who are really ready to turn their lives around."

- Gabriel

“Oh wow where to begin with my NLP session with Amelia. I felt very comfortable choosing her as my coach. Amelia is always so approachable and radiates such a calming and supportive energy. I felt so safe and protected while having my sessions with her and being so raw. I am so so thankful for this healing, Amelia helped me break from such deep rooted limiting beliefs which helped me to begin living my truth and authentic self finally! I feel so liberated and so so grateful. I feel reborn and have gained so much self confidence and power back. NLP is so powerful and amazing, I highly recommend it to others who are struggling. Thank you so much Amelia!”

- Mikaela

"Amelia is a brilliant and dedicated coach. I had an incredible breakthrough session with her, which I am so grateful for. Amelia really believed in me and helped me to shift and let go of things I had been holding onto for so many years. Without these things holding me back now I feel like nothing will stop me doing what is right for me, and I'm excited about my future and having the confidence to do things my way and being open and true to myself. I felt very safe, nurtured, supported and encouraged with Amelia, and through this she was able to help me really open up and make long-lasting and deeper changes in myself. If you're ready to make changes and live a better life, I highly recommend you see Amelia. You will be so glad you did!"

- Brionie

"Amelia, I'm pleased to tell you I have been taking some big steps forward. I have had some major shifts including setting big boundries that I'd been avoiding that were causing me harm, and barely any anxiety! (I've been noticing more confidence being in public on my own, far less worry about issues that would normally consume me, and just an overall sense of determination and personal power). I am very grateful for your support and help. I admit I was unsure when I first started as I didn't know what to expect, but as things have started to settle in, I can definitely see big improvements I never thought I'd see anytime soon considering just how down and defeated I was feeling when I first came to you. Thank you ever so much!"

- NLP Client

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Amelia and I was honestly mind blown. I went back to a core moment where I started to feel a certain way and it was a memory I never knew of. It really made me understand why I felt certain ways deep down and now I’m able to really let go of those habits attached to the belief I once had. I truly would recommend seeing Amelia to really understanding where your thoughts & emotions stem from. It was 100% worth every cent and I’ll definitely be doing it again! X"

- Emily

"Amelia is gentle and soft spoken yet her presence is incredibly strong. Her ability to really feel your energy and needs is remarkable. Amelia was attentive to all my stories and when I was working with her I never felt judged, not once. We got to the bottom of some of the most fearfull experiences id had in my life and together we were able to reframe and understand how this fear had been holding me back from embracing all that I am. Amelia held the space I needed and reflected back to me all the wonderful things I saw in her."

- Lynn

"Amelia was such a beautiful gentle coach to work with. She created a really nice container in which I felt supported and cared for at all time. She knew exactly what I needed and got me the outcome I didn’t even know I wanted. Highly recommend her to anyone wanting a beautiful gentle soul to work with."

- Jayde



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